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cách mua vé số trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập
cách mua vé số trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập

Global Vehicle Ceramic Coating Maintenance Expert

Global Vehicle maintenance expert
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Product Details ofGlobal Vehicle Ceramic Coating Maintenance Expert

F:Which products does KISHO mainly sell?

A:We mainly sell seven products,701,811,901 are our paint products;Si-02 products are our wheel coating products;G-01 product is our window Coating product.

F:What is the difference between 701, 811 and 901?

A:701 products are strong adhesion;

811 products are splashing effect is good;901 products are top coat products, film sense, brightness, water splash effect, anti-fouling are the best.

F:Can each model be stacked in multiple layers?

A:yes,Each of our products can be stacked multiple times

F:Which product will be better stacked multiple times?

A:The best is Si-901+Si-901, and the second is Si-901+Si-701.

F:How long is the shelf life of the product?

A:If the product is not open, it can be maintained for 2-3 years.

If opened, must be sealed, can not contact with the air. After opening, it is a 1-2 year period.If you have not used the end, we recommend that you pack into a vial, a bottle is a car of the amount, so easy to store.

F:How long does the product last?

A:Our products are durable test in Japan is 3-5 years, but the need to advise customers of 3-6 months for a plated crystal curing. The purpose of curing is to fill the plated crystal brightness of antifouling and splash effect. Construction and maintenance agent can increase the life of plated crystal is generally recommended. 3-6 months. Maintenance time

F:How to remove the coating?

A:there are several ways:

1, If you find that the operation failed within 10 minutes after the completion of the construction, you can wipe it again with a damp towel and then use a dry towel to polish it.2, if it is within half an hour to find failure, you can use the finest grinding machine gently polished the failed part, re-construction of it again.3, if more than an hour found failure, it can only be polished to remove.Because of our product adhesion is very strong, once the construction is difficult to remove, so require construction personnel to be careful construction, and pay attention to wipe the time, do not wipe late.
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cách mua vé số trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập
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