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cách mua vé số trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhập

1.Q: What is the silicon content of KISHO Glass Coating products?

A: Each of our plating products from KISHO Glass Coating is made up of a variety of silicon elements in scientific proportions. The total content can reach 80% to 95%.

2.Q: What is the hardness of Kisho Glass Coating?

A: On the hardness, our test results in Japan is 6H,Because the highest data performance test in Japan is 6H. But we have customers to give us feedback, they in their own country to detect the results have reached 9H, because the different Detection methods to get the data is not the same.

3.Q: Can the crystal or liquid ignite?

A: Both polysiloxane and polysilazane products are dangerous products, but the flash point (flammable point) is not the same. The larger the molecular chain, the closer to the solid and the more non-flammable.

4.Q: Why did the product fail for two or three months?

A: Normal conditions are not possible. The brightness and splashing effect will gradually decrease according to the customer's storage conditions and frequency of use, but it will not completely disappear.

5.Q: The adhesion of your plated crystals is too short.

A:The durability of the plating is related to many conditions:

1, After applying glass coating, the vehicle storage environment: day and night parking ringSuch as:Vehicles parked outdoors for a long period of time and parked in the indoor parking also, in the indoor parking garage storage durability of vehicles will increase by about 5 times.2. The age of applying car: Coating state of the glass coatingSuch as: applying new car and applying 5 years of age of the vehicle car, the new durability than 5 years of age of the vehicle car strong double. using the 5 year of paint coating Surface has a scar how collided can be restored to factory car paint3. The influence of natural environment: snow, dew and temperatureSuch as Singapore and Turkey more customers with the same time, applying the glass coating in construction environment, the vehicle of Singapore customers will longer and stronger than Turkey customer's vehicle.Which related to natural environment,paint state, use and storage. also vehicle hood, roof and trunk lid of the three parts is plane, compared to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, dust, rain and snow, with The side of the vehicle durability will be reduced, can be considered for plane parts superimposed do glass coating separator increasing the film dimensions increase durability.

6.Q: Plating crystal drops on the paint or glass, cracked completely after drying, and not attached?

A: Many customers have the product adhesion test. However, such testing is a violation of the principle of product use, and cannot truly reflect the performance of the product.

Plated crystal products can only be wiped flat on the paint surface, combined with the paint penetration to form a strong adhesion, etc. After the complete hardening, you want to get rid of is very difficult, so you can last long protection paint, if you want to remove only Can be removed by polishing.

7.Q: KISHO glass coating dripping water will crystallize?

A: My company's plated crystal products can be crystallized by dripping into the water. If hot water is used, the crystallization speed will be faster.

8.Q: Why are your plating crystals so expensive?

A: What price do you compare with which brand? According to our market research, Comparison of our own production, dealers are not, so you can get the most suitable price here we to facilitate your own promotion. Our purpose is to establish long-term cooperation, So little quantity. You don't have to worry about inventory Yahuo phenomenon to occur.

9.Q: Why is your crystal yellow?

A: Our company has two color crystals, one is a white transparent crystal, one is a pale yellow crystal, and a pale yellow crystal is the most important product of our company. It contains special brightening and Brilliant ingredients, smear will only make your paint more beautiful, light yellow plating liquid, after the wipe will be transparent, will not change the paint color.

10.Q: Why KISHO glass coating is not viscous?

A: Because each plated product uses different silicon and solvents, the state is not the same. And the products of these two states are also different in construction. Water-like products will be very easy to construct. It will not be easy for the products to fail. Products with high viscosity will not be easy to construct. It is very laborious to wipe them.

11.Q: How long does it take for a Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-01 skiing coatingto build a car?

A: The construction time of the water-skidding coated vehicle can be completed within 30 minutes. Of course, it is very much related to the technician's familiarity with the product and its technique.

12.Q: What is the shelf life and storage conditions after dispensing?

A: 4-20 degrees, light storage shelf life is 1 year, please place in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, please seal cold after unpacking.

13.Q: Is the product resistant to acid and alkali? How to do acid and alkali tests?

A: One of the greatest properties of plated crystal products is resistance to acid rain, corrosion, and strong acid and alkali resistance. Plating crystals form a true protective film on the paint surface, which can protect the paint for a long time.

There are a lot of businesses in order to hype products, are doing destructive tests of strong acid and alkali, our manufacturers are not recommended to do so, because they can not really reflect the performance of the product, just the gimmick of hype.

14.Q: How long does it take for curing agents after plating?

A: Our products are durable test in Japan is 3-5 years, but the need to advise customers of 3-6 months for a plated crystal curing. The purpose of curing is to fill the plated crystal brightness of antifouling and splash effect. Construction Maintenance and maintenance agent can increase the life of plated crystal is generally recommended. 3-6 months. Maintenance time Iron powder remover is used to remove the iron powder and dirt on the membrane layer, then rinse and dry the body. Curing agent. Remember not to use clay to remove the iron powder on the film, it is easy to destroy the plating film and weaken the film performance.

In addition, during the rainy season, we recommend that curing agents should be applied immediately after plating, so that more than 90% of products can be protected from rain marks because the weather is beyond our control (the crystal-plated vehicles are not completely hardened. The rain did not wash the car in time. After the sun exposure, there will be rain marks.)

15.Q: How long will it take for the glass coating product to enter the booth?

A: Two hours at 60 degrees.

16.Q: After the glass coating is applied, will the wiper jump?

A: There are several reasons why this happens:

1. Construction method: The glass must be polished and degreased before coating.2. Vehicle-related: According to different models, the material used for glass is different, so there will be such a phenomenon.3, wipers related: the quality of the wiper is also related.

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